2011/10/31 Dr. Luo was invited to give a speech on how to develop new drugs in China at the SAPA Forum in Beijing.

2011/09/22 The first drug against idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis developed by Shanghai Genomics had been approved by SFDA of China.

2011/08/26 The Beijing City Government approved the investment into Beijing Continent Pharmaceuticals by GNI Group. Beijing will be the future producation and sales site for GNI.

2011/08/02 Patent for the use of F647 and F351 in radiation pneumonitis was granted in Europe, which provides the company with better protection of its intellecutal property.

2011/07/07 Shanghai Genomics filed IND of F573 with Shanghai FDA. This becomes the 3rd Class 1.1 drug developed by Shanghai Genomics.

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