2010/10/20 Japan Patent Office issued Decision to Grant for F351 patent application, the Company's leading drug candidate against fibrotic disease. This is the 5th country worldwide, including USA, Canada, Australia, and China, recognizes and protects the value of innovation of Shanghai Genomics. Patent application in Europe is pending.

2010/09/17 US PTO issued Notice of Allowance for F351, the Company's leading drug candidate against fibrotic disease. Worldwide, tens of millions of patients are affected by liver fibrosis, lung fibrosis, and kidney fibrosis. There is currently no drug available for any type of fibrotic disease. This patent covers the pharmaceutical composition of F351. Wilson Sosini is the IP law firm employed by the Company to execute the IP strategy.

2010/08/26 Shanghai Genomics announced that Canada Intellectual Property Office has granted allowance to the F351 patent application. This is the third country after China and Australia to grant composition and utility patent to the Company's leading drug candidate against liver fibrosis. Patent applications in Japan, US, and Europe are still under review.

2010/07/30 Shanghai Genomics and EPS Ltd of Japan signed collaboration agreement to co-develop F351 for liver fibrosis in China. Shanghai Genomics and EPS will also work together to look for strategic partners in Japan. Shanghai Genomics retains worldwide rights of F351 outside China and Japan. This collaboration represents a major step for Shanghai Genomics to become an international biotech player.

2010/07/26 Shanghai Genomics announced the successful completion of human Phase I trial of F351. Trial results demonstrated that F351 has excellent safety and efficacy profile. Phase II trial is under preparation.

2010/07/20  Dr. Ying Luo, was invited to give one presentation and one panel discussion at the BioBusiness Asia 2010, at Taipei, Taiwan. He discussed various business models to promote cross-strait drug discovery collaboration

2010/05/26  Dr. Ying Luo was invited to give a speech in the Open Innovation in Life Sciences Conference in Munich, Germany. His topics focused on the China model of how to combine strength from academia, industry, and goverment to promote drug discovery research.

2010/04/13 Dr. Ying Luo was invited to give a speech on how to manage global research alliance in the Alliance Management Conference at Philadelphia, USA.

2010/03/29  CNBC Nikkei Channel interviewed Dr. Ying Luo and Mr. Kataoka, Directors of GNI Ltd. Dr. Luo introduced the company's strong advantage of developing novel drugs in China, especially under the financial crisis. Dr. Luo also emphasized future international collaboration on building a drug pipeline.

2010/03/17 Dr. Ying Luo presented at the Pharma & Biotech Supply Chain Asia 2010 at Singapore. The presentation was focused on how to manage various service providers and contract manufacturers during clincial trials in China.

2010/03/17 Dr. Ying Luo was invited to give a speech at the Drug Discovery Technology Asia 2010 at Singapore. Dr. Luo reviewed the function genomics project during the early days of the company and the validation of kinase drug targets. He also analyzed the strength and weakness of doing drug discovery in China.

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