2007/12/12     2007 Dr. Ying Luo, General Manager of Shanghai Genomics, was awarded the Shanghai Science and Technology Award (Category III), for his invention of the high throughput drug target screening system.

2007/10/02     Dr. Ying Luo, General Manager of Shanghai Genomics, assumed the position of CEO and Representative Director of GNI, Ltd. Dr. Jun Wu, was also appointed as the CSO and an Executive Managing Director of GNI.

2007/09/04    Shanghai’s Municipal Government awarded the prestigious Magnolia Silver Medal to Dr. Ying Luo and other foreign residents from the fields of commerce, finance, and education. The awards recognize the contribution of Dr. Ying Luo and the other recipients to the region’s economic development and to society in general. The ceremony was held in the auditorium of the Jin Jiang Hotel. The Director of Foreign Affairs and other key government officials from Shanghai attended the ceremony.

2007/08/31     GNI, Ltd., the parent company of Shanghai Genomics, completed its initial public offering (IPO) on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Board. Dr. Ying Luo and Dr. Jun Wu, attended the ceremony in Tokyo.

2007/06/05    Dr. Ying Luo chaired the afternoon session of IBC’s China R&D Summit 2007 in Shanghai.  He also gave an overview description of the biotech industry landscape in China.

2007/05/16    Dr. Ying Luo was awarded the “2006 Best Partner of Labor Union” designation at a ceremony organized by the Labor Union of Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park for his cooperation with labor union activities.  With the full support of Dr. Luo, the labor union was established at Shanghai Genomics to enhance the inter-communication among employees and enrich the company’s cultural activities. Selected from a group of candidates recommended by the companies based in Zhangjiang, Dr. Luo was one of the final five winners announced at the ceremony.

2007/05/03    Dr. Ying Luo was invited to make a presentation at the “Mobilizing the Private Sector for Global Health Development” conference in Toronto, Canada.  Participants at the conference included executives from pharmaceutical/biotech companies and government/government-affiliated agencies in China, Brazil, India, South Africa, Canada, the USA, and many other countries around the world.  Dr. Luo elaborated about business strategies in China and exchanged views with the audience about the on-going healthcare reforms of developing countries.

2007/04/17     The Xinhua News Agency released a video interview, entitled “Colloguing for the Development of Pharm-Valley in Zhangjiang”, on its website. In the interview, Dr. Ying Luo, attributed the fast development of Zhangjiang Pharm-Valley to the synergistic effects of industry convergence, corporate-friendly regulations, and the cooperation among local companies. He also addressed the importance of prioritization of the Park’s limited resources, so that they can be used to foster technology innovation, and establish the Zhangjiang Pharm-Valley as a global-leader in the bio-pharmaceutical industry(http://www.sh.xinhua.org/2007-04/17/content_9813738.htm).

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