2006/10/31     Dr. Ying Luo, presented at the “Drug Development in China – Strategies for Launching Discovery and Development Activities” conference in San Francisco, California, USA. The meeting was part of the Cambridge Healthcare Institute’s (CHI) Pharmaceutical Strategy Series. His talk focused on the need to build a balance product pipeline in China. He also emphasized the importance of establishing collaborations with international pharmaceutical companies.

2006/09/23    Dr. Ying Luo was invited to speak at the “Shanghai Corporate Forum – Road to Innovation” at the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences.  His speech covered new ideas of how to improve corporate organization, financing, research, and talent recruitment for drug discovery research.  He emphasized the impact of East-West culture differences and the legal system on novel drug development in China. 

2006/09/20    Dr. Ying Luo was invited to join the “China Focus” panel discussion at the BioNetwork 2006 conference in Geneva, Switzerland.  Dr. Luo emphasized the importance of collaboration with Western pharmaceutical companies at each stage of the drug discovery and development process.  He also described how best to create a win-win situation in such collaborations, and his talk was well received by the audience. 

2006/09/15     GNI and Shanghai Genomics announced that their scientists jointly identified an important regulator and associated signaling cascade in human immunological disorders. The research results were published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), one of the world's most-cited multidisciplinary scientific journals during the week of September 11, 2006. Dr. Jun Wu, the CSO of GNI and Shanghai Genomics, is the lead and corresponding author of the paper.

2006/09/11    Dr. Ying Luo was invited to speak at the UK-Sino Venture Capital Forum in Shanghai.  He presented Shanghai Genomics as a case study describing how Shanghai Genomics continues to grow along with the fast-expanding Chinese economy.  He also encouraged British venture capitalists to collaborate with Chinese venture capitalists to invest in the healthcare industry in Shanghai and Eastern China.

2006/07/25    Shanghai Genomics announced the addition of Centocor, a wholly owned subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, to its growing list of international research partners.  Shanghai Genomics will leverage its protein purification and protein-protein interaction technology to develop new drug targets for Centocor in the fields of oncology and inflammation.  This achievement is a new milestone for the company’s outsourcing business.

2006/05/18    Dr. Ying Luo was invited to make a presentation at the Clinical Trial Methods and Models of Asia Conference in Singapore.  Descriptions of Shanghai Genomics’ clinical trial experience received good comments from the audience. 

2006/05/17    Dr. Ying Luo was invited to speak about Shanghai Genomics’ drug target discovery program at the Post Genomics Summit 2006 held in Beijing.  Dr. Luo updated the audience about the company’s recent progress in validating kinase targets and collaborating with other academic research institutes to do compound screening.  He also emphasized the importance of long-term investment in R&D to be successful in innovative drug discovery. 

2006/05/14     Dr. Ying Luo was invited to give a presentation at the Chinese Biopharmaceutical Association 2006 Conference in Maryland, USA. His talk covered Shanghai Genomics’ business model and how the company copes with various challenges in China and it was well received by the audience.

2006/04/09    -04/12,Dr. Jun Yu, Vice President of Shanghai Genomics, attended the BIO 2006 Conference in Chicago.  At the China Pavilion, Dr. Yu introduced Shanghai Genomics to enthusiastic visitors and explored new collaborative opportunities.

2006/03/06    Shanghai Genomics’ first therapeutic product, “GuBang,” a synthetic bone graft, received approval for sale in China from China’s SFDA.  This is a new milestone in the company’s history.  This approval demonstrates that Shanghai Genomics has a highly qualified clinical research team and that Shanghai Genomics has established a complete value chain from gene research to production and sales.

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