2005/11/12    Dr. Ying Luo was invited to give a speech at the Pacific Forum on Life Sciences & Entrepreneurship Conference in San Diego.  His presentation and the panel discussion in which he participated focused on the recent trend of Western pharmaceutical companies’ outsourcing to biotech companies in China.  This conference was organized by the Sino-American Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Professional Association.

2005/10/19    Dr. Long Guoqiang, Deputy Director-General of Foreign Economic Relations Department, Development Research Center of the State Council of the People's Republic of China, visited Shanghai Genomics.  He listened to the report about the company’s clinical development of its therapeutic product pipeline, and investigated how to provide an even better environment for returnees to grow the biotech industry in China.

2005/10/10    A Member of the Executive Committee of the Communist Party of Shanghai, and the Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Communist Party of Pudong New Area of Shanghai, Mr. DU Jiahao, visited Shanghai Genomics and listened to Dr. Ying Luo's report about the Company's R&D progress.  Mr. Jiahao encouraged returnees to focus on innovative research and praised Shanghai Genomics’ teamwork model.  He also encouraged the company to become a leader in obtaining outsourced research work from international pharma companies.  Members of the Executive Committee of the Communist Party of Pudong, Director Shao Yudong of the Department of United Front of Pudong Communist Party, and Director Chen Gaohong of the Executive Office of the Communist Party of Pudong, and Ms. Shang Yuying, Deputy Governor of Pudong New Area of Shanghai also attended the meeting. 

2005/09/27    Dr. Ying Luo was invited to present at McKinsey’s Pharma R&D Summit 2005.  In his presentation, Dr. Luo reviewed the growth of Shanghai Genomics and explained the importance of providing contract research services to international biopharmaceutical industry.  He also shared his experience about how to find good partners outside of China.  Finally, he emphasized that a balanced therapeutic product portfolio is critical to the long-term growth of young biotech start-ups in China.

2005/07/05    The Governor and Vice Governor of Pudong New Area of Shanghai, Mr. Xuebing Zhang and Ms. Shang Yuying visited Shanghai Genomics and listened to Dr. Jun Wu's report about the Company's R&D progress.  The governors encouraged returnees to focus on innovative research and instructed Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park to allocate more resources to improve the living environment for entrepreneurs.

2005/07/01    Dr. Ying Luo attended the "Pharma & Biotech Partnering Conference" in Shanghai and gave a speech elaborating on the importance of collaboration with Western biotech and pharma companies.  He specifically emphasized the importance of how to grow the company's value during collaborations.  His talk was well received by the audience.

2005/06/19    -06/22Shanghai Genomics sponsored an exhibition booth at BIO 2005 in Philadelphia to introduce its contract research services to the global pharmaceutical industry.  For this conference the government of Pudong New Area of Shanghai designated Shanghai Genomics as the supervisor of the China exhibition’s booth design and construction.  The "China Pavilion" attracted a lot of attention from the local media and conference participants.

2005/06/18     Dr. Ying Luo, GM of Shanghai Genomics, attended the Sino-American Pharmaceutical Professionals Association, Great Philadelphia Chapter and was invited to give a speech. He introduced Shanghai Genomics’ business model to Chinese biologists in USA and shared with the audience his experience of developing biotech R&D programs in China.

2005/05/27     Tokyo-based GNI invested into Shanghai Genomics. Dr. Ying Luo became President, COO of GNI Ltd.

2005/05/14    Recommended by the Shanghai Overseas Returned Scholars Association, Dr. Ying Luo was awarded the "Leader of Science and Technology of Pudong New Area" by the Pudong New Area Government of Shanghai.  A ceremony was held in Zhang Da Square where the Governor of Pudong, Mr. Zhang Xuebing handed the certificate and reward to Dr. Luo.

2005/05/11    The Chinese SFDA granted a Clinical Trial Permit (CTP) to Shanghai Genomics for its anti-lung injury compound F647.  Dr. Jun Wu, CSO of Shanghai Genomics, pointed out that this is the first CTP and a major milestone in the company's history.

2005/04/06    The Executive Vice Mayor of Shanghai, Mr. Feng Guoqin and other government leaders visited Shanghai Genomics and held a round-table discussion with returnee entrepreneurs in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park.  Mr. Feng listened to the challenges that entrepreneurs in Shanghai are facing and instructed other government agencies to help returnees grow the hi-tech industry in Shanghai.

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