2010/01/08    PharmAsia News reports the recent clinical trial progress and NDA filing by Shanghai Genomics. China may be the third country to approve an IPF therapy drug developed by Shanghai Genomics. Web link

2008/12/17    ICS Shanghai TV Channel interviewed the executives of Shanghai Genomics in its City Finder program.  The 10-minute program covers the founding history of the Company and its new drug development programs.

2008/07        Pharma Focus Asia Published an article "Breaking Down Borders Asian biotechnology industry" authorized by Dr. Ying Luo in its July issue http://www.pharmafocusasia.com/magazine/

2008/03        The Journal “IDrugs” published a featured review article “China: Current trends in pharmaceutical drug discovery” on its March issue. In the article, the author Dr. Ying Luo summarized the history of drug discovery in China in the last two decades of 20th century and outlined the trend of Chinese biotech industry.

2007/10/15    The French TV channel, French 24, interviewed Dr. Ying Luo, CEO of Shanghai Genomics and GNI, and filmed the company’s R&D laboratories.

2007/10/15    The Documentary Channel of STV broadcasted a TV series, “The Sky of Innovation”, which focused on Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park.  The TV series included an interview with Dr. Ying Luo and an introduction to the company’s innovative drug development effort.

2007/09/30    The China Economic Review published an article about the life sciences outsourcing industry in China.  Interviews with Dr. Christopher Savoie, Chairman and CEO of GNI, and Dr. Ying Luo, President and CEO of Shanghai Genomics and COO of GNI, were included in the article.

2006/11/25    Dr. Ying Luo, President and CEO of Shanghai Genomics, was interviewed by businessdocumentaries.com.  He praised the friendly environment for hi-tech industries in Shanghai, especially that at the dynamic Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park.  He was also optimistic about the future role that hi-tech will play in the economic development of Shanghai.

2006/11/01    The China Economic Review published a cover story, “Mother of Invention?” describing the new government policy to encourage innovation in China.  Dr. Christopher Savoie, Chairman of Shanghai Genomics and CEO of GNI, and Dr. Ying Luo, CEO of Shanghai Genomics and President and COO of GNI, were quoted in the story, and the companies’ drug discovery program in Shanghai was high-lighted.

2006/07/31    The Wall Street Reporter Magazine Inc. interviewed Dr. Ying Luo, CEO of Shanghai Genomics, as a follow-up to its 2004 interview with him.  Dr. Luo updated the audience by describing Shanghai Genomics’ recent progress in product and business development. He also described the future direction of Shanghai Genomics and GNI.

2006/05/04    A half-page article, “March of the Mini-Multinational”, was published on page 9 of the London-based Financial Times.  The article claimed that the business operations of GNI and Shanghai Genomics proved that it no longer takes great scale to straddle borders.  Scientists from China, the UK and Japan are working together to find therapeutic solutions that will benefit people everywhere.  The article listed the Do’s and Don’ts for entrepreneurs with international visions.

2006/01/24    Yahoo News and PRWEB reported that Shanghai Genomics and Organon, the human healthcare business unit of Akzo Nobel, were going to collaborate on a new research project.  The collaboration, which will involve biological development work aimed at the identification of more selective steroid hormone receptor modulators, would initially last for a period of two years.  It expands Organon’s research activities into China and strengthens Shanghai Genomics’ international credentials.  Shanghai Genomics’ integrated drug discovery platform and its expertise in nuclear receptor biology are crucial to the success of this collaboration.

2005/10/07    Channel Documentary, the Television Station of the Shanghai Media Group, broadcasted a special 30-minute episode named “The Sky of Returnee” about Dr. Ying Luo, CEO of Shanghai Genomics, and highlighted his experiences from when he obtained his education in United State to when he founded Shanghai Genomics in China.

2005/06/20    Yahoo reported the merger between GNI, Ltd. and Shanghai Genomics.  The Japanese and Chinese biotech companies were combined to increase R&D productivity and to expand the companies’ market opportunities.  Many international biopharmaceutical and financial media groups cited the report.

2005/02/22    The Shanghai Biomedical Research Outsourcing Base and the Shanghai Pudong Biomedical Research Outsourcing Center were formally established in Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park of Pudong, Shanghai.  Vice Mayor, Ms. YAN Junqi, participated in the opening ceremony.  Representing all biomedical research companies in the Center, Dr. Ying Luo of Shanghai Genomics gave a speech at the ceremony.  He pointed out that outsourcing is a major international trend and that the Chinese biotech industry should play a bigger role in this market. Shanghai’s media channels reported the event.

2005/01/05    Shanghai TV (STV) visited the company and interviewed the senior management returnee team.  Video clips of the company's R&D operation were later broadcasted on the evening news.

2004/11/10    Dr. Ying Luo, CEO of Shanghai Genomics, and Mr. Huisheng Wang, Vice President of Shanghai Genomics, were interviewed by the media group from Guangzhou, China. Members of the media group included the Press Office of Guangzhou’s Municipal Government, the China News Service’s Guangzhou Branch, the Nan Fang Daily, the Guangzhou Daily and the GZYV TV News Channel.  The returnee team model was the focus of this interview.

2004/07/28    The major German financial newspaper, Handelsblatt, published an article about the roles of returnees in today's Chinese economy.  The article told several stories of the so-called "sea turtles", or returnees, coming back to China from America or Europe to found new hi-tech companies in Shanghai.  The author of the article also described the significant improvement in China’s investment environment in the last two decades.  Dr. Ying Luo was highlighted as a representative of this group of "sea turtles."

2004/07/26    -08/01,The CHINA DAILY Business Weekly published an article entitled "Firms Bite from Outsourcing Pie" that introduced the importance of outsourcing and the factors blocking the progress of Chinese biotechs in this area.  It described how Shanghai Genomics is playing a leading role in China’s biotech/pharmaceutical industry by highlighting the technical expertise and achievements of the company’s scientists to obtain research projects from its partners.

2004/07/09    The Shanghai Jie Fang Daily published an interview with the founder of Shanghai Genomics, Dr. Jun Wu.  The article was entitled "How Does Shanghai Participate In The New Trend Of Drug Research Outsourcing?" and pointed out that winning outsourced research work from international pharmaceutical companies is critical for Shanghai's biopharmaceutical industry to grow.  It also stated that Shanghai Genomics is becoming a leading outsourcing center in Shanghai.

2004/06/24    China’s major domestic media groups published the Chinese version of a Forbes article that introducing the outsourcing concept for drug research.

2004/05/28    The world famous financial magazine - Forbes, published an article on the trend of outsourcing in the pharmaceutical industry.  The interview with Ken Epstein, Shanghai Genomics’ financial consultant from NewCap Partners, Inc., described how Shanghai Genomics and some Indian companies have become the major representatives of the Asian biotech/pharmaceutical industry and why pharmaceutical companies in the West are outsourcing research work to them.

2004/05/27    Dr. Jun Wu, Chief Scientific Officer and founder of Shanghai Genomics, was phone interviewed by Biotech Today.  Dr. Wu discussed the company's technology platform and its strategy to build a rich product pipeline in China.  He talked specifically about Shanghai Genomics’ collaborations with US and Japanese biotech companies and its cutting edge research programs.  

2004/05/26    A Wall Street Reporter phone interviewed Dr. Ying Luo, CEO of Shanghai Genomics.  Dr. Luo introduced Shanghai Genomics’ history and business model to the American audience.  He specifically pointed out that the company has built a rich product pipeline at a fraction of the cost of that for North America.  Research collaborations and fee-for-service projects have generated a steady revenue stream for the company.  Protection of intellectual property in China and overseas IPOs were also discussed.

2004/05    Enjeux Les Echos, the major French economic journal, interviewed Dr. Alice Cai, Senior Director at Shanghai Genomics, and reported her comments in a special report about China’s high-tech industries, Shanghai Genomics’ rapid growth and its strength in bridging biotech business between the Occident and the Orient.

2003/03/07    Dr. Sam Yi, Senior, Director of Business Development at Shanghai Genomics, was interviewed by Macau Lotus Satellite TV.  Dr. Yi commented on the entrepreneurial environment in Pudong, Shanghai and on the future development of Shanghai Genomics.

2003/06/17    Dr. Sam Yi, Senior Director of Business Development at Shanghai Genomics, was interviewed by “Geometric”, a financial magazine published in Hong Kong

2003/06/15    Sing Tao USA republished the start-up history of Shanghai Genomics as a case study about the wave of overseas scholars returning to China.

2003/03/07    Sing Tao Daily Singapore reported Shanghai Genomics’ history as a case study about the returning tide of overseas Chinese scholars.

2003/03/06    The Wall Street Journal published an article in the first column of the front page about Dr. Ying Luo's founding of Shanghai Genomics in China. The article covered the new trend of returnees from USA to China. The article is also published on the Asian Wall Street Journal and the most influential Chinese newspaper in US - The World Journal.

2003/01/04    The Shanghai Job Market Newspaper reported that, after being attracted by the excellent incubator environment at Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai Genomics established both its headquarters and research laboratories in the Park and the company is growing steadily.

2002/08/06    One of Shanghai Genomics' web pages won the Concision Award of the First “BlueComm” Web Design Competition

2002/08    Video clips of Shanghai’s Pudong New Area introduced Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park and Shanghai Genomics.

2002/07/12    The Shanghai Jie Fang Daily reported that Dr. Ying Luo, CEO of Shanghai Genomics, became one of the first talented entrepreneur returnees from overseas to receive a Shanghai Resident Card.

2002/03/28    The Shanghai Jie Fang Daily reported the new model of entrepreneurship being practiced by returned overseas scholars – "founding businesses with a team-based approach", and cited Shanghai Genomics as one of the very successful cases

2002/02/15    Shanghai Genomics and the University of California, San Diego have identified a new signaling protein in the MAP kinase pathway and published their research results in Science.

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