Ying Luo, Director, Ph.D., General Manager

Dr. Luo completed his undergraduate education at Peking Union Medical College (Peking University's Premedicine) in 1982 and received his doctorate in biomedical sciences from the University of Connecticut Health Center in 1991. During 1993, he joined the University of California, San Francisco as a postdoctoral fellow studying HIV gene regulation. Prior to Shanghai Genomics Dr. Luo gained experience at various biotech firms, including Aviron, Clonetech, and served as the senior director of Genomics and Target Discovery at Rigel Pharmaceuticals. He is currently Presient of GNI Group and General Manager of Shanghai Genomics. Dr Luo's research was in the field of protein-protein interactions in cancer and inflammation signaling pathways. In the last twenty years, Dr. Luo has authored more than 35 research publications in the top scientific journals.

Yuwen Wu, VP, Chief Financial Officer

Yuwen Wu is the Chief Financial Officer of Shanghai Genomics and graduated from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. She has been supervising the Department of Finance and Accounting in Shanghai University since 2001. Ms. Wu has held various finance management positions at Dengfeng Electronic Technology Co. and Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park Development Co.; some of her responsibilities included investment analysis, budget management, and accounting. Familiar with international accounting standards and financial reporting systems, she is a Senior Certified International Finance Manager and the senior accountant at Shanghai Genomics.
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